Saturday, November 3, 2007

The City of Guayaquil

We just returned from two full, beautiful days in Guayaquil; Ecuadors largest city (3.5 million) and the commerical capital of the country. While it is a seven hour trip by car, it was a mere 30 minutes by plane...the highlight of the flight being our return this morning when we flew over the Andes Mountains. We packed so much in, I took many, many pictures, etc., and since I was days and days behind on my blog, I have back posted from October 27 - today. The pictures below are part of the Guayaquil Historical Park and are just the beginning of so many shots to share with you as it was a park divided into three sections, PLUS we went to other attractions as well. I hope you enjoy...I honestly think this trip was the highlight of my time in Ecuador so far...perhaps that's because there's a lot of nature yet to come in my recap. Tune in for many days to come, including the Iguana Park that will be featured starting on Thursday!


Ann (MobayDP) said...

Oh boy! Those sure are nice photos. I'm looking forward to more! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you again!!! When I visit Ecuador at the end of this month I will not have time to vist this city so thanks for the pictures, I feel like I have been everywhere you have photographed!!!! I really enjoy your JOY that shows in the pictures!!!!Thanks ever so much, All Blessings to you, Cat