Thursday, September 27, 2007

13, Going Up!

Anyone tired of city shots? Well, I guess that is the point of the Daily Photo blog, isn't it? :) Shown here is another view from the hotel - this one taken from the elevator on the uppermost floor (13, I believe - though more like 15 or 16 in reality). Obviously it was a glass elevator!
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Anonymous said...

Again, thank you! No, I am thrilled by the city shots and your artistic views/layouts! I will be visiting Quito and your photos allow me advanced views of a city a world apart from where I live-Washington, DC! Blessings for you and your camera!! Again, thank you, please continue!!!
Most Sincerely,

queltica said...

I second that - I love the city shots, and they bring back so many memories of my childhood there. Please keep them coming!