Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two Toucans

Here we have Bonito and another toucan whose name we did not get. These guys were in the bird hospital for problems with their beak and tongue and came from both the Amazon and Arashá rain forests. Bonito, the guy on the left, must have been especially keen on having visitors as he gladly perched on the arm of a couple of us and sort of peck peck pecked at us as if to say hello. It was a wonderful experience to be up close and in person with these beautiful creatures. To read more about Bonito and other toucans like him, click here.


Kate said...

Beautiful birds, and you photographed them well.

Anonymous said...

Very nice photography and the birds add a lot to the commentary. I like your work.

Abraham Lincoln

Nazzareno said...

I join to the comments of Kate and Abraham and I thank you some post that you left.

kelly Carrizosa said...

Lisa, Can you please contact me regarding cochlear implants and Ecuador? I left a message at your other blog-not sure if you received it. I am so new to this-
Thank you-To God be the glory, Kelly

kelly Carrizosa said...

Hi again- Now I think I understand-your blog at the Wellspring requires your approval before posting....that is why I don't see it yet. So I am assuming that you will read it and then contact me about Lidia.

I am looking forward to our chat. Kelly