Friday, April 6, 2007

And as far as the eye could see...

...there were people! Today we went to the Good Friday procession in Old Quito where there were an anticipated 90,000 people in attendance to watch people carry their crosses through the designated route. A short article can be found here and more pictures on a History and Culture (from a travel agency) page here. Sorry to post more than one picture today...but I had soooooo many.


Anonymous said...

You certainly have captured the "moment." Nice pictures.

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Dsole said...

wow, la semana santa... here in Spain it has been a bad week because of the weather, and many of the "procesiones" couldn't go out because of the rain... Even I'm not a religiuos person I always like to see those procesiones, and now it's nice to see that from the other side of the world :)