Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Up, up and away!

Some of you have asked how we got to the top of the mountain and this photo gives you the answer. It takes approximately 8 - 10 minutes to get to the "top" of Mt. Pichincha via this relatively smooth ride. I say "top" because while you're really high up when you get off (14,050 ft.), there is still a lot of climbing that you can do to get to even higher destinations via walking paths. Whew! I tell you though, it really takes the wind out of you being that high, and so while we did walk quite a bit higher than where we were dropped off, there was still plenty of trail left when we called it quits for some banana bread and water before heading back down!


Pat said...

Wow! What a nice ride though. I was on one of those out in Alberta and it was lovely to be able to take photos out the window on the way up.

Great pic!

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chuckand ruby said...

Very Beautiful pictures of your trip up to Mt. Pichincha. That trip would be BREATHLESS for me in more ways than one :):):) You live in such a beautiful country !! MOM

Anonymous said...

A very nice photograph and a spectacular sight.
720 pixels

Chris & Deb said...

interesting that we've selected the very same week to become DAREDEVILS!!

photowannabe said...

That's very high. It would make me breathless too. What beautiful country. This has been a great series.

pastorrick said...

Such a beautiful picture with the clouds and mountains