Sunday, March 11, 2007

There are lots and lots of these bushes around Quito, in a variety of colors. Today's selection is fuchsia. Enjoy! By the way, did anyone notice the cool green bug on yesterdays flower? I felt a little bit of kindred spirits with Isabella and her lizard. :) I actually did not notice the insect until last night when I enlarged the photo and saw him sitting there.


chuckand ruby said...

I do not see a bug on yesterday's photo but I do see a leaf which the bug enjoyed for lunch. Your flower photos are beautiful, Lis.
I keep thinking that maybe something will be peaking up here before too long. I'm more than ready. Remember, we set our clocks foreward during the night. MOM

isabella said...

Oh, I missed your "bug" too, Lisa! But why shouldn't he enjoy those roses - we do!
Your whole floral series is very ...fragrant ;-). Except for today's Bougainvillea, or does it have an aroma in Quito?

Thanks for the link to my lizard!

~tanty~ said...

Lovely flower and yes I notice the little green bug on your yesterday's post. Very nice.

kris said...

:) lovely photo!
i grew up with bouganville in our front yard..i miss them !