Saturday, March 31, 2007

Nearly two months ago now I showed you this building which at the time, was being "demolished" by hand. Work went on for a few days and then there was silence for weeks...until last night when my husband and I thought that a semi-truck was being thrown around by a huge gorilla...yes, last NIGHT. Ok, so it only lasted about five minutes - we determined they had to demolish just enough of the front of the property to be abe to park the bulldozer and then they returned at 7 this morning...and have been going strong ever since. It feels like we are living in the midst of a three-hour long earthquake as with every BOOM of the shovel, our home shakes. I hope they're done soon!

Today's post includes two photos as I couldn't decide between showing the demolition and the "protective gear" that the driver was wearing (click to enlarge). It is sooooooooooooo dusty - I cannot begin to imagine how much cement dust this guy is inhaling even amidst his wraps.

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