Thursday, February 8, 2007

Whistle While You Work

Construction in Quito is BOOMING right now and their building style is so different from what we know. Everything, and I mean everything, is built with cinder blocks, which are hand carried one by one from truck to location. You should click to enlarge this photo to see some of the detail. So far this is a three story building, but judging by the rebar sticking out, it will be higher still. The supports used (below the floor that the workers are standing on) are not your typical 2x4's, but rather, something bambooish looking, which is very possible here. If they do build it up another floor I am going to try and capture a video of the many, many people that stand in a long line passing the cinder blocks from one person to the's quite a system!


denton said...

This is a great photo especially when enlarged. Cinder blocks and rebar everywhere.

Elmonica said...

As a student of contruction, I will be interested to see some close ups on this.