Monday, January 15, 2007

What do you suppose they're talking about?

I had a really hard time deciding which photo to post today so I included all I took of these ladies. They have been sitting and talking here for years I am sure, based on the amount of graffiti, paint chipping, etc. that they have endured. You might want to click to enlarge. I drive by these women many times a week but I am always up high on a bridge so have not been able to snap their picture before. We took a small family outing yesterday to capture another larger than life picture I had been wanting and then captured some ice cream after that. :)


Ame said...

Hi Wellspring! Thanks for visiting Santa Clara...WOW! You have an awesome blog here...beautiful artsy art here! =)

Will definitely bookmark and be back! Great stuff, really!

Toodles! Ame =)

alice said...

These women seem to be friendly...Your photos of the kids on this huge chair are so funny!

Meg in Nelson said...

I like your idea; you didn't have to choose in the end!