Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I have one more Old Man picture to show, even though it's the beginning of a new year! Thought I would show you how people used these at their places of business before burning/blowing them up. This guy welcomed us to the restaurant that we went to on New Years Eve day for lunch - the sign says "Enjoy the end of the year with us".

The power shut off at our house on the 31st (a common occurrence lately) and so I wasn't able to finish telling you about these guys. They are filled with a sort of sand dust stuff and all dressed in different clothes. Many of the faces are painted to be recognizable...perhaps George W., or Spiderman...but many, many different choices of whose likeness to torch. They are sold all over the city for anywhere from $4 or so, to upwards of $20 or perhaps more.

That's all of the Old Men!


Keropok Man said...

What an interesting thing to burn away the old man.

Dsole said...

Your story about the old man it's interesting... you can put on it the face of the person you don't like... just like some kind of voo-doo uh?
happy new year!
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PD, i'm so new on this thing too, how can I sign up?