Friday, December 8, 2006

Our loss is your find!

Yesterday much to my delight (and my husbands horror) we took a wrong turn on the way home. As is easy to do here because there are so many one way streets and "no u-turn" signs, we found ourselves lost and deeply woven into the south side of the city. A person will get thrown in jail for making u-turns if the police are present so we were good law abiding citizens. Fortunately I had my camera with me and so while they are "on the go" photos", allow me to give you a quick tour of another side of my city over the next couple of days. I love this part of old historical Quito. The colonial buildings are beautiful and rich with history.


Jing said...

good luck with you ~~

and those houses on the right side are cool....and it looks that your city is not on the plain.
cool view

shanghai daily photo

Lisi said...

I like street scene photos and am glad to know that you can relax even you're lost :-)!