Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Old Man

You should click to enlarge this photograph as it's kind of funny. : ) Today is a big day here in Quito as people traditionally "burn the old man" to commemorate the end of the year. "Burn away the old" you might say. Festivities began in earnest on Friday afternoon as many work places celebrated together and burned men all over the city. Tonight there will be many smoke clouds in the sky, firecrackers going off (if you pay a little more your old man can come loaded with fireworks - big and small!) and all around mass celebration alllllllllllllll niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight loooooooooooooooong. Have a wonderful New Years Eve celebration and be safe!


Lavender Lady said...

I did click, and I can see the old m comes with many faces. What a great tradition! Happy New Year!

Bill said...

I love it!