Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Los Tres Grandes de España

This weekend we went to an art exhibit entitled "Tres Grandes de España" featuring, Goya, Picasso y Miró. It was our first time in the Cultural Center of the Catholic University so it was interesting to be there. There were a LOT of pencil drawings done by Picasso, but very few paintings and works that the common world is familiar with. Miró was our favorite as there were many paintings/colored lithographs...plus a lot of his work is just plain silly. :) We, the art critics at hand, determined that by the end of Goya's life, he must have been going a little bit coo coo as his works got more and more out there and his subjects began to take on a look of death and freakishness.

Well, that's the art show review, brought to you by one non-artisan in Quito. ;)

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