Saturday, December 2, 2006

Chiva anyone?

Well, for some reason I cannot get a picture to upload today (anyone else having this problem or is it just me?), so instead I'll include a video from yesterday. This is another common site during Quito Days - Chivas. They drive around the city filled to overflowing with people, a band on top, and just generally having a lot of fun making noise! This is a very tame, under-filled one as it's at a high school. The ones that you see after dark are always stuffed with people...they have been known to tip now and then...

P.S. - Adding this at bedtime...We live near a fairly busy street and since putting the kids to bed tonight and so having a bit of silence/availability of ears to listen outside of my home, I have heard about ten Chivas go by! I wish I could capture them all on film for you (but it is pitch black out)- they are so festive!


Annie said...

I had the volume turned up when I clicked on the video - so I definitely got the full effects. They were having a lot of fun, weren't they. I remember the pleasure of being outside at night when I was a teen.

Did your children sleep through all that?

Jing said...

I havent seen the video, the speed here seems a little bit slowly now. :))
by the way, now i also can update the photos on blogger too.

shanghai daily photo

Anne said...

Hello! this is my first time to visit your blog. Let me welcome you to the ever growing family of daily photobloggers!

I'm enjoying all your photos...all are very colorful and fun! I'm looking forward to all your coming pictures!