Thursday, December 14, 2006

A corny photo...

This is one of my favorite pictures, though taken on the fly in the car. As you can tell, this woman has a very large amount of corn on her back...this is not a common site here, though depending on where you are in the city you might see it more than in other places.


Kate said...

Is she a vendor? Not bad photo for "taking it on the fly!"

Meg in Nelson said...

Ha ha, great title. You have a beautiful blog.

The Wellspring said...

Kate - I'm not sure what she was as it is an unusual site. You do see big wads of corn for sale at vegetable stands, so perhaps she was on her way to sell her corn to one of those folks...

Meg - thanks :)

Jing said...

i like this photo too!!
and at first i just saw the green colours, light green, i like.
and then, i thought the person is a man, gosh, you told me a woman!! :) and then i got it, she took lots of corn.
what a wonderful view when you fly on the street!!!
great shot, i like this one really, lisa!!!

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