Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fiestas de Quito 2006

It is a festive time of year here in Quito, as locals (and we non locals as well) take part in celebrating the founding of Quito by the Spanish in 1534. It's called "Quito Days" and the main festivities between November 28 and December 6 are centered around the Jesús del Gran Poder bullfighting events. This is the only time of year that there is bullfighting in the arena and as you can see by the picture above, it is a huge event - the stadium is full.
This is not an event I would be able to sit through but my husband received an invitation to attend, and since the tickets were for seats that were practically in the rink (3rd row), how could he say no? He had never been before and he said it was very interesting to be a part of. It's very theatrical, dramatic, etc. It is a production, a huge event! Ah, but so sad for Mr. Bull. That is why I would not be able to go.
There are more pictures of course, so I will post another one or two in the next couple of days if there is interest. Most of them are close up shots, but I wanted to begin with this one to show the size of the arena, the amount of people involved and just the general grand scheme of things.


Jing said...

greetings from shanghai. :)
and so nice to see your photos.and i like this one really. anyway this bullfighting is a little bit brutal...but the arena was full of people, the atmosphere looks so excited. i like that atmosphere.
and yes,looking forward more....


Chris & Deb said...

great photo! I'm guessing the bull doesn't advance to the next round?

Bill said...

Greetings from Delta Colorado, and welcome to the DP family! I like the feel of your site already, very bold. I look forward to watching it grow.

Stefan Jansson said...

Nice shot. I have been to one bullfight in Spain, and it was very interesting.